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Latest Firefox extensions

Posted by activemind on February 8, 2006

Here is the final list of all the firefox extensions that I have settled on:

Enabled Extensions: [26]

    • Adblock – One of the best extensions to block all the ads on a webpage. No I am not talking about the pop-ups and other ads. I am talking about the annoying punch the monkey and catch the spider ads 🙂

    • AJAX Yahoo! Mail [Viamatic WebMail++] 0.5 – This is a must have for people like me who have not had the previlage of being the Yahoo Mail Beta program. This is a nice enhancement to Yahoo Mail which I use the most often.

    • Colorful Tabs 0.3 – Adds more color to my browser. Sometimes I feel it makes it look for girlish but whatever…I like it

    • CustomizeGoogle 0.41 – Nice extension to enhance what google provides. Google is my search engine. For some reason or the other I keep going back to Google ( I will explain in some other post why I started moving away from google) for all my searches. This is nice extension that lets me search other engines with one click just to make sure that I am indeed not missing out on any results.
    • Disable Targets For Downloads 1.0.1 – This helps me with one of my biggest annoyances with FF. Have you ever noticed how when you click on a download link for a zip for a rar file…it opens up a seperate blank window. Well I just want to download..why do I have a seperate window open which I have to close. So if I like downloading 20 different linux packages from a ftp server..I will have to go and close each one of those blank pages. This helps me get rid of that…Whew!!

    • Download Statusbar 0.9.4 – This adds a status bar for the various downloads which is better than the seperate window that pops up. This way I dont have to go around closing windows after its done. This quitely shows me at the bottom left part of my browser the status of my download.

    • DownThemAll! – This is supposed to be some kind of replacement for an extenal download manager. I am yet to get it completly working. Will update once I have got it working to my satisfaction.

    • Fasterfox 1.0.3 – As the name suggests…it speeds up the browsing. Now this might be just something I felt or something for real but it DID make a difference.

    • Gmail Notifier 0.5.5 – I dont install any of the google tools on my desktop anymore. No google toolbar..No gmail message notifier…No desktop search…nothing FROM google. This was one thing I felt safe about to use my gmail account.

    • Gmail Space 0.2 – I have a seperate gmail account which I use as my online disk space. Its a nice way to carry non-confidentail files from home to work and vice versa. I used to use gmail drive but it has been broken for a while and I could not get it to work. This is a better replacement for Gmail drive. Though I have to figure out to make this extension see all my old files which I transferred through gmail drive.

    • Hyperwords(tm) – This is a good extension if you do all or most of your reading online. Like if you are in the middle of an article or a gadget review and they mention something which you want to lookup in a dictionary or map an address or email it…this extension makes that task super easy.

    • IE Tab 1.0.7 – Ha!! do you still keep your hotmail account alive…or have some stupid website which wont open in FF. This is the extension for you. (Oh! I can bet you everyone has at least 1-2 of such website which they HAVE to visit and they wont open in FF). You can tell it open some of the websites always in IE..that way even if you open them from your bookmarks…it will open them in IE inside the FF main window in a tab. Sweet!!

    • JustBlogIt 0.3 – This is where all the one liner and website links in my Blog come from. If you are reading some website and come across a good artile and want to blog it….this is what comes to your rescue.

    • LinkedIn Companion for Firefox 1.1 – Im not a big fan of LinkedIn but yeah I do have an account and have a couple of contacts in there. This is good for that occasional walk at the LinkedIn site.

    • MR Tech Local Install 4.1.1 – Must Have!! Provides you with a bunch of tools to play around with FF settings.

    • NoScript – If you are one of those persons who dont like having all kinds of things and scripts running in background and foreground..this is for you. YOU can control what is allowed and what is not.

    • Performancing 1.1 – Well this is the extension I am using to write this and all I can say is..its sweet!!

    • Plain Text Links 0.2 – Another one of my favourites. How many pages and posts in forums have you come across where someone has mentioned a website but its not hyperlinked…now you have to copy a new tab and then paste the address to see that website. I hate that!! that problem is solved by this extension. You a website address…highlight it…right click and boom…the plain link opens up in a seperate tab.

    • Tab Mix Plus – Gives you the options to configure your tabs the way you want them.

    • View Cookies 1.5 – To keep a check and tab of all the cookies that you have stored and allowed.

    • WebmailCompose 0.6.6 – This one is another one of my favourite. Like I said I use Yahoo and Gmail for all my personal communication this comes in pretty handy. Supposing you come across a email address and you want to write to him/her. Now you cannot just click on it because (Grr) Outlook would become happy and open up a compose box for you…but no..thats not what you want. You want to write to this email address using your yahoo or gmail account. So you copy the email a new tab…login to webmail and then compose and then paste…what a pain…with this extension..all you need to do is highlight the email address and right clik and pick if you want to use yahoo or gmail or some other mail…and you can actually spend your time writing your email and not doing the chore of cutting and pasting!!

    • Yahoo! Toolbar – Although I dont use it much but I HAD to have SOME toolbar 😛

    Disabled Extensions: [1]

  • LiveHTTPHeaders 0.9 – This stopped working after my FF upgrade to 1.5.x This is a nice extension for anyone who wants to see how the transactions are done with webservers and what are the interactions.

    Total Extensions: 27

    Installed Themes: [2]

  • Firefox (default)
  • Noia 2.0 (eXtreme) 2.996 – My favourite theme. Clean, functional, pleasing to the eyes. Good Work!!
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