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Converting Cassettes to CDs

Posted by activemind on February 9, 2006

I am in the process of converting all my cassette collection to CDs as I dont have any cassette player left except a old sony walkman which I am using for this process. After lurking around a lot of audio forums and experimenting with a couple of softwares I settled on Audacity which I think is doing a fine job.  I had to experiment a lot with various settings for my mic and gain in Audacity beofre I could find a combination which I liked. Well I am not too happy with the quality but I am not sure if I can blame it on my player, or the cassettes which are old or my setup. Well my collection is also pretty old with some cassettes being from the 70’s (no I am not that old…they were recorded in 70’s but I bought them in 90’s) and the quality must have also weared over time.
Well, the goal of this process is to convert all my cassettes into soft Audio CDs which I can mount using daemon tools and play with my favourite player or transfer them to my Nokia 9500 and listen to them. Its a slow process but I am hoping it would be worth it. I have over 200 cassettes which I need to convert and am done with only a couple of them till now….one a day…lets see when I am done with them 😛

2 Responses to “Converting Cassettes to CDs”

  1. Neeraj. said

    Did you try Goldwave.. It might work out to be simpler than Audacity.. Although I haven’t tried Audacity but merely installing it and luanching it gave me a complicated geekyfeeling.. Goldwave seems simpler.. I have used Goldwave for years now for conversion and for meeting recordings.

  2. activemind said

    well, call me cheap but I am a BIG fan of free s/w and try to contribute my part by working on some GNU related projects. I am not sure if Goldwave is free or not but yeah sure…I will try it out.
    Thnax for your suggestion!

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