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Nokia 9500 and SIP

Posted by activemind on February 9, 2006

I have been endlessly looking for a SIP client for my Nokia 9500 so that I can use my VoIP connection at any hotspots and not use my cellular mins.I just dont understand WHY are there NO client available. I can find a lot for Pocket PC but there seems to be no interest at all for Symbian. The closest I came to was a Series 60 platform client but what I am wondering is why companies like X-lite and SJPhone not interested in making one for Symbian? Is the cost too much to develop something on Symbian platform?

2 Responses to “Nokia 9500 and SIP”

  1. riyadh said has a voip over wifi software for nokia 9500

  2. Ignacio said

    It’s a hardware problem. The Nokia 9500 does not allocate RAM correctly, that is why Barablu has so much problems too, and why it is just PPT telephony. The new communicator E90 does not have these problems. Once the new hardware becames standard, the VoIP over Symbian will flourish.

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