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Cellphones and radiation

Posted by activemind on February 10, 2006

We are a heavy user of cellphone in our family…Infact we dont use and pick up our landline and the Voip line anymore…they are just for telemarketers to leave us voicemails….I even have ringing disabled on one of our lines….Its cellphone all the way for both of us. Being as gadget oriented as I am, I started using bluetooth headsets back in 2001 when they had just come out. I still remember the first time I heard the word bluetooth, it was actually back in 1998 when a friend of mine was doing a project for Motorola and he mentioned that he was working on Bluetooth..and I was like…what the hell is this….thats when I read more about it and realised that this WAS something interesting and had some potential. But was surprised me was that there were no products available till like 2000 & 2001. I still remember talking to Techs here at local BestBuy and Circuit City about Bluetooth headsets and they were like what the hell is that ? So it was Frys that first got them and even though the techs there also did not know or understand bluetooth at that time…I was browsing the aisle and I saw it sitting there. It was the first time I saw a bluetooth product and HAD to get it. So anyways I got myself a bluetooth headset and my phone at that time was a SE T68i which was one of the first ones to offer a affordable color screen at that time. It was cool but somehow at the back of my mind I was not very happy about the fact that I have a transmitter (even for a very low watt one) right next to my head (brain)…..I still remember getting slight headaches after having a long conversation on my T28 World (which I still have and love but I wish it just had lesser radiation). Well now I have a Nokia 9500 and even though I have bluetooth headset and it has much less radiation (not from the specs but just from experience that I dont get those headaches after a long conversation) I have started using the good old wired headset. Actually I use a slightly different one that what the normal nokia headset but use a stereo version of it so that I can use it for listening to my songs, podcasts and ebooks and also use it as my handsfree device. It works out quite nicely that I can answer calls even when I am listening to whatever I am and then hangup and my audio continues from where I left it. It just feel weird talking to someone in stereo for sometime but then you get used to it. But I have to remember to take off one of the buds while driving 😀
Does anyone else have any concerns about cellphone radiations and bluetooth headset (which are dirt cheap now and I see literally EVERYONE getting one thesedays esp in the valley here) or I am just being paranoid about it??

3 Responses to “Cellphones and radiation”

  1. […] So I am not the only one who worries about it. I wrote about this some time back here and also reasoned why I dont use bluetooth headset….my cellphone is bad enough!!Anyways, read this CNET article to see how good or bad your phone is!! […]

  2. Ya, I am glad that I have noticed that cell phones can actually cause damage to your body, I didn’t know this. I had first learned it from my mom because I had been conplaining about a headache. She said that it was because my head had nearly been attached to my phone the past few weeks. I didn’t believe her so… I looked it up on the internet and came across this website.

  3. yeah i like this. good post.

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