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Posted by activemind on February 14, 2006

The geek that I am…..I opened up yet another email account a couple of weeks back at Since was a new service I got my all time favourite id. This is not an in depth review of what they have to offer. Just google and you will find tonnes of their review but this is rather a rant of some of the very basic features which are missing. So the very first question is why do i need another email address. Well since I am subscribed to a couple of mailing lists and they were filling up my yahoo account I figured that I would use my 30gigs account and try out the service. So thats what I use my account for…for my mailing list subscriptions.
I would say that the service has improved in the past couple of weeks but still leaves a lot to be desired. Like there is a notion of folders but there is no notion of filters. Well call me whatever you want and praise gmail as much as you want but I dont like to see ALL my messages. I just don’t. I would rather have seperate folders for my categories and keep my emails in the folders…not in my inbox. Thats one of the biggest reasons why I still prefer yahoo over gmail. I can create filters and folders. I know you can create filters in gmail too…but thats for tagging the emails with a tag not for moving them into different folders. I know you can say that select the appropriate label and you can see the emails in that “folder” but no thats not what I want. How do I achieve NOT seeing emails from a tag and see everything else. Like if I am subscribed to a mailing list and I am actually looking for some personal mail…I know how to search in yahoo mails..or I just want my inbox to show me email which are NOT from the mailing list but everything else. How do I do that using tags in gmail. If you are a member of a high traffic mailing list and have joined it using your gmail id you would know what I am talking about.
Anyways…back to….I dont see a way to tag or filter emails into folders..yes you can create folders but you have to manually move the emails into them which is NOT something I want to spend my time on. Thats my BIGGEST rant for now. Besides that, its been not too bad. The interface is minimal, but yeah, its fast, and does the basic job. Again you have to keep in mind how I use my account.
I am not sure if this service is free to all now but I still have a couple of invites left…so if you need them..send me your email id and I will send them your way…

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