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Long time no see!!

Posted by activemind on February 23, 2006

As you might have noticed that I did not post for a couple of days. Well I was catering to some of other higher priority things and yeah to some extent lazying around too 🙂 . Sometimes when you foucs on things too hard and are at it for long you need some downtime. At least it happens with me every once in a while. I would have periods where I am up and running for 18 hrs a day for sometime and then there is a period when I am just too lazy to do anything. My favourite activity duing this hibernation is either some techie project or watching movies. Both of these activities seem to recharge me. I also seem to have found my new passion. I think it is running. It is something which I have tried in the past in a disorganized way and failed miserabely for multiple reasons. I am trying to take a better approach this time by trying to follow some guidelines and see if I make any progress. So far I am pretty upbeat about it but I kind of injured my knee after my previous run. After some hunting on the web, I found a name for the problem and was surprised to see that there is an entire website devoted to it. So dont be surprised if see a lot of posts about running from now on.

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