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Social interaction skills

Posted by activemind on February 23, 2006

I was reading this how to go from introvert to extrovert article over at Steve’s website when I came across a link to Rick’s website. Although it does not seem to have been updated in quite some time but I did find this nice article about social interaction which I think is pretty good and to the point. I do not or rather cannot relate to some of the issues mentioned in there because I AM a social person by nature. I have never had problems in meeting and talking to new people but I do know a LOT of people around me who seem to have this problem. It was not until long time ago that I could undestand this concept. If something comes naturally to us, we do not realise its importance. Like the time when I broke my wrist and had a cast for 3 months. Although, I did learn to survive and get the basic tasks done with my left hand (I am right handed) but I did develop some ambidextrous skills after that incident. It was at that time I realised that some of the things that I took forgranted were not that easy for some other person with one hand. Now I can at least understand when someone havs a problem with social interaction situation. It was a completly foreign thing to me some time back. But yeah read the article at Rick’s website. He also has a couple of nice links at the end of the article which are worth reading too.

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