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Why does my Knee Hurt?

Posted by activemind on February 23, 2006

This post might resonate with a lot of readers who are into some kind of physical activity and in my case it would be running. After being physicallly inactive for around 3 yrs for various reasons (or well crafted ingenious excuses 🙂 ) I finally got up and decided to get back on track. Well there were a couple of reasons that jolted me out of my smooth easy life-style and the primary one being the realization that I was getting older. I could not abuse my body in the same way as I could a couple of yrs ago. Like it was pretty easy for me to skip meals for any reason earlier. But fast forward 5 yrs, I am 31 now, and my body has changed that I have to keep my stomach filled to a certain level all the time. This started happening a couple of months back. If I skipped a single meal I would get bad and I mean real bad headaches and then the only way out was to take a tylenol and hit the bed. Nothing else helped. For the first couple of times I could not figure out what was wrong and why was I getting these headaches keeping in mind that I have NEVER had any headaches in my life. Then I started corelating things and came to the conculsion that anytime my stomach was empty, it would do something to my body and head and it would be in a state that I needed food, rest and medicine to bring it back on track.
Has someone else felt or noticed anything like this with themselves or I must freak out and go see a doctor?
Anyways, so I have decided to start with things which I like the most or something which I have wanted to do for a long time and have just been procrastinating about them. I am actively trying to pick up running with plans to run a full marathon by the end of this year. Lets see how that goes. You can watch my progress on my running log that I maintain online at by clicking the link on your right. So I went for my practice run which was close to 4 miles like 2 weeks back and then I think I overdid it or did something bad to my knee. I have been having such bad knee pains that it difficult to climb up and down the stairs. So I went on the web and started searching for what was going on with my knee and learnt a couple of things that I was doing wrong. I also found a very good website about the problem I think I am having. Its called runner’s knee or IBT (Iliotibial Band Syndrome). This entire website is dedicated to this problem and as I searched more on the net I discovered that it was something very common for new runner’s like me. I have also found a couple of very good stretching and muscle strengthening exercises (pdf doc) which I have been doing for the past couple of days and It does feel better. I at least dont have to limp when going up or down the stairs. But I dont think I can still go for my runs this weekend. I will try..maybe a 2 mile run..and increase it if I dont get any pains. Watch out my runners log or postings on my blog here for how it goes.

5 Responses to “Why does my Knee Hurt?”

  1. awsd said

    it will get fixed byitself

  2. Jane Goody said

    This topic is quite trendy on the Internet right now. What do you pay the most attention to while choosing what to write about?

  3. sandrar said

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  4. Sorry, aber das bezweifel ich ganz stark…Baer

  5. Sign: zdbrw Hello!!! dcbbu and 3106taaepzmfwc and 3496 : Sorry, what did you mean?? A??

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