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Talk to REAL customer service

Posted by activemind on March 29, 2006

Have your ever called up some customer service to end up being caught in the IVR and then finally getting frustated and hanging up. Maybe this site will could help you in that case. I wish I could have found it earlier and would have saved some time here and there but late than never. The site again is called .


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Whole new Virtual Desktop thing

Posted by activemind on March 29, 2006

I am seeing a lot of new virtual web based dektop applications coming up nowadays. Excellent examples are netvibes and goowy. I have signed up for both of them since they are free and am liking them so far. The main reason why I see them useful is not because they give you a personalized desktop and you can put updates from the sites you want and stuff like that. Infact I browse the web because of something new might catch my eye and it has happened a lot of times with me. So I am not a big fan of this customized personal webpage thing and thats why I dont use services like my yahoo and google desktop. What I like about this service so far is it gives me an online storage place and a central place to keep all my bookmarks, to do list all in one dektop. I have been using yahoo notepads for this to do list but I find this more useful than that. Thats one place where I can upload some of my files which I think I might need at a location away from work and home and my bookmarks. And no services like delicious dont go well with me because I dont want to share all my bookmarks…I will put them on my blog here if I want to share them.
Try the services and see if you like them for yourself. I might do a detailed review on them sometime with screenshots and everything if I continue using them,

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Watch “Dreamer”

Posted by activemind on March 28, 2006

” You know when we dream, it shows a lot about us; we, as in dreamers, true dreamers. True dreamers are those who dare to reach to the heavens. True dreamers are those who seek that glorified road. True dreamers are those who pursue their dream, longing to have the feeling of walking upon the Gods. True dreamers are those who act with their heart everyday, to reach that heavenly glory of achieving their dream. When that day comes, we, as true dreamers, will realize the true beauty of our wonderful journey. Not just by working hard with all your heart, yet also, just by having the dream.”

Yeah, I watched the movie “Dreamer” yesterday and all I can say is WOW!! Dakota Fanning is just amazing. Having a 8 month old daughter myself, I could *feel* each and every scene of the movie. It is a predictable story but what counts is the screenplay and the performaces and I can say that this movie excels in that regards. If you are looking for a nice weekend movie which you can watch with your famliy, watch this one and I am sure you wouldnt be disappointed!!

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Sorry for no updates

Posted by activemind on March 27, 2006

For all of thosw who are wondering what happened to my firefox extension. Well I am still comitted to it and plan to work on it pretty soon. I had some personal stuff to take care of and yeah everything is okay plus the work is keeping me extra buy nowadays with some very tight schedules.
I have recvd a couple of emails about the progress and if I am still working on it so I HAD to provide an update on what was going on.
Thanks again for all your interest guys!!

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An amazing Plugin

Posted by activemind on March 25, 2006

I was strolling a couple of websites on the net and came across this amazing plugin…mind you not an extension but a plugin…it works for bot FF and IE and I have been using it for the past couple of days and I simply love it.
What this plugin does is add a small icon to all your webpage links that you have and you can just take your mouse over those icon and get a preview of whats in those links.It easier to see it in action so just head over to Browster and download this extension. Take my word, You will just love it.

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More work than FF password manager

Posted by activemind on March 21, 2006

Okay so it seems as if it is going to be more work to make my extension login to the Cingular Orange website than just the Firefox password Manager. Cingular seemed to have done some kind of trick by splitting the wireless number into 3 parts and firefox can only remember 1 id and 1 password…so I am kind of stuck….
The support Mod at MozillaZine forum suggested some more options but that is something completly new and I am going to have to learn how to do that.
Here is the thread you can follow for more information:
My Thread at MozillaZine

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No release today (Tue)

Posted by activemind on March 21, 2006

We would have to skip the release slated for this Tue because of the password issue I mentioned in my previous post. I am working on it and have a couple of options in mind but they need more work than what I had anticipated. Hopefully, I should will have something working by this Thu.
Hang in there!!

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Cingular Website and Firefox Password Manager

Posted by activemind on March 21, 2006

So I did a test code for Cingular Orange and Mike was helping me test it. It turns out that Firefox Password Manager does not remember the login info for the Cingular Orange website completly. You can try this yourself. Goto cingular Orange login website and enter your information. Do not check the option to remember the wireless number. Now when you press ok FF will prompt you if you want to remember this password. Say yes. Now you will be logged in.
Open another window and FF should be able to fill in all your info by itself but instead it gives only the last 4 digits of the wireless number you entered. So thats my problem..FF does not have the complete info stored.
You can also verify this by going to FF Tools->Options and then privacy. Open the saved password thing and look for Cingular. You would notice that it has only the last 4 digits of your wireless number saved in there.
So this is the problem I am struggling with right now. Anyone have any insights into a workaround for this?

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Couple of more beta Testers

Posted by activemind on March 20, 2006

I am looking for a couple of more beta testers for the Cingular Firefox Extension. I need people who meet any one of the following criteria:

  1. Are a Cingular Orange customer and have more than one lines on their account.
  2. Cingular Orange Customer with mobile to mobile minutes in your account.
  3. Cingular Orange Customer with some kind of bonus anytime minutes in your plan.

If you meet any of the above criteria and are interested in beta testing this extension please get in touch with me. What amazes me is that there are SOOOO many possible combinations of services for Cingular/AT&T available out there as oppsoed to Verizon/T-mobile/Sprint that I will have to spend a long time testing with them to make sure it really works for them and this is not even considering SMS and Data Usage. But that will come at a later date…First thing First 🙂

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Changed my default contact id to gmail

Posted by activemind on March 20, 2006

I finally got tired of using . It is just not ready for prime time and the services are too minimal. I was using it as the primary contact id for my blog and got tired of resending messages because it did not attach the attachment or is just too darn slow at time for loading the message. No filters so I cannot sort my emails and the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, activemind at gmail was taken (I am open to offers for that gmail id or yahoo id if the person who owns it is willing to give it up) so I took coolactivemind at gmail. Its also now on my contact page so you can view it there too. You can either contact me at this new email id or if you please you can still send me at the old one at 30gigs and I will still respond to it but I check that account only once a day so gmail might be faster and I have a FF extension for that too so I will know right away.

So much for trying a new service…but the lesson learnt, dont make it your primary email id for something thats important. Yahoo, hotmail and gmail have taken a lot of time before they became reliable enough to be treated as primary email ids.

Sorry about all the churn guys..

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