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Cingular Minutes Firefox extension

Posted by activemind on March 1, 2006

I was looking on the web and found a very nice firefox extension for cellphone minutes usage. It was done for T-mobile and Verizon. Search on google and you should be able to find it pretty easily. Unfortunately, I use Cingular and I could not find anything like this for it. I did something like this for Cingular using Konfabulator (now Y! Widgets) but never got around to releasing it. This seems like a good oportunity to learn how to write firefox extensions and also get the functionality I want. I found firefox extension tutorial at website which has a very nice tutorial using bugmenot as an example. I will be writing this for people who were with AT&T Wireless which is now a part of Cingular. Anyone else interested in anything like this?

One Response to “Cingular Minutes Firefox extension”

  1. djchuang said

    I’m definitely interested in something like this, now that I’m with the new at&t, and I’d imagine it’d make the iPhone users very happy too.

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