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FireFox Cingular Extension Download

Posted by activemind on March 9, 2006

I have put the Firefox extension for Cingular (Old ATTWS) beta version here. Download it and give it a try and leave me a email or comment with the problems you see and I will try to fix it. You can also send me your screenshots I can use them when I submit to official firefox extension server.

8 Responses to “FireFox Cingular Extension Download”

  1. Mike said

    First, let me say great job! I have been looking forward to this extension, and communicating with Winston Huang (he created T-Mobile and Verizon extensions). Here are a few problems and suggestions…

    1) It doesn’t work…lol. Maybe I’m not doing something correct, but I put my username (my telephone #) and my password (confirmed correct by manual login) and I get “Loading Cingular minutes used…” and “failed to parse the minutes used”. Maybe because I use:
    instead of..

    I would recommend using the first, since thats what Cingular’s site links to, and it uses a standard telephone #.

    1) I’m not sure how it displays the minutes used…but it should be similar to Winston’s extension. Maybe have a checklist (like ForecastFox) on what to display. I preferably would like a simple 120/500 (meaning 120 minutes out of 500 minutes). Some people would like the option of displaying night/weekends, and others would like words associated in the display. When you move your mouse over it, show all the information Winston’s shows (plus the telephone # if applicable).
    2) The extension should have a very minimal GUI on the taskbar, so I wouldn’t recommend “Loading Cingular minutes used…”, rather “loading…” or something shorter. Also, more detailed error messages would be nice (of course this is the beta version) – look at #8.
    3) The Cingular logo looks a little out of whack, and if the background were clear instead of white, that would be nice.
    4) Get the Cingular login/password from Firefox password list, like Winston’s does.
    5) Add an option where to place the extension…I love the current location, but some people might not like it.
    6) Add a manual refresh button (like forecastfox).
    7) (Probably after beta) Add the option to have more than 1 account be checked – I have 2 cell phones myself.
    8) Better error reporting…ie, incorrect password, Cingular site 404, etc.

    Winston’s extension is at:

    A screenshot (which would be almost perfect for Cingular):

    Again, great work so far. I would be happy to help test all your add me to your list.

    Thanks again!

  2. Mike said

    I believe the site you use for login:

    is for BUSINESS accounts…

    is used for personal accounts…this is probably why it’s not working.

  3. arun said would be nice if you can put the screen captures..may be uploading through and inserting the image in the post..

  4. arun said

    Here is the link…host the image at and then insert that into the post..
    i missed the link in above comment 😛

  5. Activemind said

    Sorry, I have been bogged by a couple of other things and hence could not work on this. Hopefully I should have more time this weekend to work on this.
    I had attached a screen capture at the original thread.
    It can be found here :,15634072?hilite=cingular
    So Mike, if I understand correctly you want to use this for a FAN account. Well since I have a personal account only, thats what I have been able to test it with. I will change it to support FAN accounts as well so that you can choose in the options menu and will upload the changes sometime this week for you to try.
    Arun, I will try to put the images in this post too but for the time being you can look at the forum thread which has the screen capture.
    watch out for updates this coming weekend!!

  6. Mike said


    actually, I also have a Cingular personal account. I just (for some unknown reason) can’t login using that website. I have to use:

    I type in my phone number, and password…and it works. I don’t have a business account.

    And about the suggestions I gave, I understand your in a very early beta – they were meant for suggestions after you get all the bugs worked out, and into the final stages of development.

    Thanks again for all your work!

  7. activemind said

    I tried using the website you mentioned and I get a error popup which I have to click and then it takes me back to the other link which I used. I think you are one of those ppl who have been transferred to cingular OCS billing system while mine is still on the old one. I will update it to use the new link first and try to do something about the popup because the link you mentioned still takes me back to the link which works for me.

  8. Mike said

    I got my Cingular account about 6 months ago – so it is probably on the new system. I never had an AT&T account.

    Maybe an option for which one to use would be nice. I know my login is a pain…after you click login, it goes to a “verifying” screen, then redirects to the main page.

    I’m suprised you can grab the data from the screen…quite impressive.

    I remember Cingular used to have a page where one could just look at their minutes used, not by logging into their account, simply by entering their phone number and zip code. But I think they removed this page.

    As for the suggestions, I think the first 3 are probably the most important. Winstons setup (displaying peak used/total peak, and then hovering your mouse over to display full information) is nice. Also, a better loading message, and cingular logo would make the extension look a lot cleaner.

    Great work so far!

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