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Changed my default contact id to gmail

Posted by activemind on March 20, 2006

I finally got tired of using . It is just not ready for prime time and the services are too minimal. I was using it as the primary contact id for my blog and got tired of resending messages because it did not attach the attachment or is just too darn slow at time for loading the message. No filters so I cannot sort my emails and the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, activemind at gmail was taken (I am open to offers for that gmail id or yahoo id if the person who owns it is willing to give it up) so I took coolactivemind at gmail. Its also now on my contact page so you can view it there too. You can either contact me at this new email id or if you please you can still send me at the old one at 30gigs and I will still respond to it but I check that account only once a day so gmail might be faster and I have a FF extension for that too so I will know right away.

So much for trying a new service…but the lesson learnt, dont make it your primary email id for something thats important. Yahoo, hotmail and gmail have taken a lot of time before they became reliable enough to be treated as primary email ids.

Sorry about all the churn guys..

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