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Couple of more beta Testers

Posted by activemind on March 20, 2006

I am looking for a couple of more beta testers for the Cingular Firefox Extension. I need people who meet any one of the following criteria:

  1. Are a Cingular Orange customer and have more than one lines on their account.
  2. Cingular Orange Customer with mobile to mobile minutes in your account.
  3. Cingular Orange Customer with some kind of bonus anytime minutes in your plan.

If you meet any of the above criteria and are interested in beta testing this extension please get in touch with me. What amazes me is that there are SOOOO many possible combinations of services for Cingular/AT&T available out there as oppsoed to Verizon/T-mobile/Sprint that I will have to spend a long time testing with them to make sure it really works for them and this is not even considering SMS and Data Usage. But that will come at a later date…First thing First πŸ™‚

12 Responses to “Couple of more beta Testers”

  1. Terrell Jones said

    Cingular Orange customer.
    Have M2M on my account
    And diehard Firefox user.

  2. activemind said

    Thanks Terrell…mail me your id and I will add you to the list of my beta testers!

  3. nick said

    Sounds cool: orange side, family talk account, 5 lines, unlimited mobile to mobile, unlimited nights and weekends starting at 7pm, and the old media works with 1500 txt, unlimited internet, and 200 mms, also one line with 200 txt, and one line with old media basic (can’t remember exacts). I guess what I am gettin at is do you think it would be hard to write in data as well?

  4. Brad said

    Orange Cingular – 4 phone lines – 1 data line for unlimited PC Card – rollover minutes – 2,000 min plan – a couple of different SMS plans – 7-7 nite family plan – lots of M2M calls.

  5. matt said

    If you still need testers.
    Cingular Orange family plan with 2 phones and M2M usage.


  6. I’ve recently switched over to Cingular from T-Mobile and am looking for the Cingular equivalent to the T-Mobile Minutes Used Firefox Extension. I’ve got multiple plan options set up and I’m willing to beta test for you.

  7. Justin said

    If beta testers are still needed –

    3 lines, 450 anytime mins, 5000 n/w, txt package

    lots of m2m txting (i wish that was unlimited!) and m2m calls here and there

  8. Dave G said

    If you are still looking for beta testers. I have cingular with M2M minutes and a limited amount of non-peak minutes, possibly roll-over as well. I’d have to look into it to figure out my exact plan which wis why I’m so interested in this extension.

  9. jim said

    If you’re still looking, I have cingular with m2m minutes and ~700 minutes shared and two lines on a family plan.

  10. Jason said

    Ok, it’s been months since you asked, but I believe that I fit all 3 of your criteria..

    2 lines, 850 min family plan, bonus minutes because of my employer.

  11. Nathan said

    If you need another, I’m a familytalk with 2 phones with m2m and N&W. but I’m not entierly sure if I’m blue or orange, can you just tell by your bill’s text logo color?

  12. You mentioned Sprint being easier than the current Cingular Extension. Perhaps if it is easier to program you could divert your attention there for a while to benefit us Sprint users. πŸ˜‰

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