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Great Response and Feedback

Posted by activemind on March 20, 2006

I wanted to extend a big thanks to all of you for so much patience and effort that I am seeing. I was really surprised that so many people were looking for an extension like this and the best part is that everyone is helpful enough to patiently test it even though it is in early beta right now.
A big thanks to Mike who did a new Cingular Logo for me. The one I have currenly in there has a white background and apprears kind of stretched out image. He has mailed me a new one in which the background is grey and kind of mixes with the FF statusbar color. I will include it as part of my next release which should sometime tomorrow (Tue) night.  I am also thinking of kind of following a release schedule like every Tue evening and maybe Fri evening. Then gather all the feedback and do the fixes and then release a new version until we come out of beta. I think I am going to need 2 releases a week because as you all know I am a Cingular Blue customer so I will have to rely on everyone else on the testing.
Thanks again for all the help everyone.

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