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Whole new Virtual Desktop thing

Posted by activemind on March 29, 2006

I am seeing a lot of new virtual web based dektop applications coming up nowadays. Excellent examples are netvibes and goowy. I have signed up for both of them since they are free and am liking them so far. The main reason why I see them useful is not because they give you a personalized desktop and you can put updates from the sites you want and stuff like that. Infact I browse the web because of something new might catch my eye and it has happened a lot of times with me. So I am not a big fan of this customized personal webpage thing and thats why I dont use services like my yahoo and google desktop. What I like about this service so far is it gives me an online storage place and a central place to keep all my bookmarks, to do list all in one dektop. I have been using yahoo notepads for this to do list but I find this more useful than that. Thats one place where I can upload some of my files which I think I might need at a location away from work and home and my bookmarks. And no services like delicious dont go well with me because I dont want to share all my bookmarks…I will put them on my blog here if I want to share them.
Try the services and see if you like them for yourself. I might do a detailed review on them sometime with screenshots and everything if I continue using them,

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