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Posted by activemind on April 28, 2006

I just realised that I did not have any trackbacks enabled in my blog at all. So I googled and found this very good tutorial on trackbacks and wordpress blogs. Head over to here if you want to learn more about trackbacks.


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FireFox and Keyboard

Posted by activemind on April 28, 2006

For those of you who know me, you know it pretty well that I am a keyboard kind of person. I like using mouse once in a while but if I can do everything from the keyboard itself without needing to move my hand…nothing like it. Believe it or not…I still am a ardent fan of bash and vi. Okay, enough of the geek stuff. Anyways, I was thinking today that I need to learn some more firefox keyboard tricks because that is one place where I do use the mouse quite a bit and I dont like it. I feel it slows me down. So here is a nice (I dont know why I use that word so much) link to adding some more keystrokes to your typocabulary (You can see I AM in a creative mood today ๐Ÿ™‚

box of chocolates ยป My Favourite FireFox Keystrokes

Dont miss the comments for this post because they too have a trick or two in them!!

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New Category “Marriage Humor”

Posted by activemind on April 28, 2006

I was thinking today morning that this Blog is not complete without the biggest factor which controls my life…no not god…someone even higher than that…my wife ๐Ÿ™‚ My favourite past time is actually bugging my wife about small small useless things and seeing her reactions to them and she getting all worked up about things that happened like ages guys world…anything that happened more than a month ago IS ages back…so I decided to create a new category called Marriage Humor for posts on this topic. Now you can very well understand that this section would be a heavily screened section with all the posts reviewed and read and re-read and then again re-re-read to find something of interest in them. So I will be walking on a very thin line here…lets see how much can I post before I am asked to get rid of this category…..

so wish me lucK!!

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My VOIP Journey

Posted by activemind on April 24, 2006

My introduction with VOIP started back in 2000 when I wanted to get in touch with my family overseas without paying too much money. The only options I had at that time were the older version of MSN Messenger version 4.x which was amazing in itself because it was based on SIP. Yes, it was after that, Microsoft followed everyone else and moved to something non standardized. Anyways, then came Vonage in 2001 and I joined the bandwagon. I signed up for it sometime in July 01 and received a ATA 186 for the connection. Not that calling overseas was cheap but it was cool ๐Ÿ™‚ But soon realised that the service was NOT ready for prime time. Kept the Vonage connection for close to yr and a half and then cancelled it. It was around that time that local long distance on cellphones was becoming free so I did not miss my Vonage connection for local long distance. Well after some more time in Jan 2003 I got Vonage again. This time I was determined to get rid of PacBell landline and use Vonage for pretty much everything. This time they shipped me a Motorola Box. The service was still better than what it was but soon realised that it was not going to pass the wife test ๐Ÿ™‚ plus the package was much more than what we needed. Also at this time a LOT of new smaller players had emerged and amongst them I like Broadvoice the best. It was the cheapest with $9.99 In-State plans and all the most commonly used features. I switched to Broadvoice at that time. I stayed with them for a long time but soon remembered my real reason why I started looking into VoIP. At that time I switched my home phone to its bare minimum (had to keep it to get DSL….damn! SBC) and swicthed myself and my wife to ATTWS( now Cingular). Anyways, I tired a couple of cheaper options like packet8, Callpacket/Telepacket, Lingo, FWD, IPKall, Gizmo project, Skype, but was not impressed by anything. The closest I came was Telepacket with their $0.95/month plan with 1c/min incoming and 2.9c/min outgoing. This was pretty close to what I was looking for. I used them for like 6 months but their reliablity sucked. And I mean it….half the time the phone would be down. I was very reluctant to get rid of Telepacket because it suited my pocket but was not serving me any real purpose because it was down a lot. I went to Voip forum and someone(sorry i dont remember who?) adviced me of a hidden jewel…. Callcentric. They are a bare minimum provider but ROCK SOLID. If your Internet connection is good…you cannot go wrong with them. I have been with them for past 3 months…took a Incoming number ($5.95/month) and I am all set. They dont charge anything for incoming and outgoing is 2c/min. Granted they dont have voicemail or virtual numbers or any other fancy features but I dont need them. I have this number from Callcentric mapped overseas and talk as much as you want for $5.95/month + tax. I know, if you dont scrounge the forums and are not totally into VoIP you would have never heard of them, but I would say if your needs are similar to mine….you cannot go wrong with Callcentric.
And no, I am not affiliated with them in any way. I am just a happy customer and again I dont get any referral if anyone else signs up with them after reading this. Bottom line, I do not have any hidden agenda in this.

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Runner’s Carnival

Posted by activemind on April 24, 2006

I am a regular reader of Blog Carnivals on various topics at Blog Carnival. In case you dont know what a carnival is read here. Today I was there and searched for running carnival and was surprised to see that there was nothing listed. So I am going to take a stab at it. Please go ahead and email me any articles you think would be interesting to runners.
I have added a link to the right under running section to my upcoming running carnival.

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For you gmail fans!!

Posted by activemind on April 24, 2006

A comprehensive list of all tools and utilities for gmail and on a lighter side…all the different ways in which you can use gmail.
Robs Blog: Gmail Tools & Plugins

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Cingular Extension Update!

Posted by activemind on April 24, 2006

For those of you wondering about what the hell happened to the FIrefox Cingular Extension….no its not dead. Its just that I have been busy and have not had some free time to work on it. My apologies to all of you who were looking for a quick extension development.

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Went for the training

Posted by activemind on April 22, 2006

After missing two previous training sessions earlier, I went for one today. And all I can say is that it felt AWESOME. Look at my running log (link on your right) to see my progress. I realised that there is a lot of interia in me but once I am out there, it feels so good and I also noticed that there is a very noticeable upward change in my mood when I go for my runs. I feel much better in general.
I am also looking at getting a watch to time myself. I was looking on the web today and was surprised to see ALL different kind of watches available to not only time but monitor your heartrate, your trail and all diff kinds of things. I am interested in this Garmin 305. It looks kinda nice but the price is too steep and I am not sure I can justify that right now.
Any suggestion about this would be appreciated!!

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