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Went for the training

Posted by activemind on April 22, 2006

After missing two previous training sessions earlier, I went for one today. And all I can say is that it felt AWESOME. Look at my running log (link on your right) to see my progress. I realised that there is a lot of interia in me but once I am out there, it feels so good and I also noticed that there is a very noticeable upward change in my mood when I go for my runs. I feel much better in general.
I am also looking at getting a watch to time myself. I was looking on the web today and was surprised to see ALL different kind of watches available to not only time but monitor your heartrate, your trail and all diff kinds of things. I am interested in this Garmin 305. It looks kinda nice but the price is too steep and I am not sure I can justify that right now.
Any suggestion about this would be appreciated!!

2 Responses to “Went for the training”

  1. Gaurav said

    Be careful while running ‘cos if u injure ur knee then u’ll be done for. A friend of mine won a marathon in Atlanta but ended up screwing up his knee as a result he doesn’t run anymore. Try cycling to lose weight as it is safer.

  2. activemind said

    Thanks for the advice Gaurav but I AM trying to be very patient with my knees. You can look at my other posts in this category and see that I did have some symptoms of ITB in the very begining due to which I could not run for 6 weeks. Now I feel better and am trying to do it again but more cautiously this time. Plus, I have talked to the coaches and they have told me more about when to stop running.
    So yeah, thanks for the concern and you can watch my running updates here.

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