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FireFox and Keyboard

Posted by activemind on April 28, 2006

For those of you who know me, you know it pretty well that I am a keyboard kind of person. I like using mouse once in a while but if I can do everything from the keyboard itself without needing to move my hand…nothing like it. Believe it or not…I still am a ardent fan of bash and vi. Okay, enough of the geek stuff. Anyways, I was thinking today that I need to learn some more firefox keyboard tricks because that is one place where I do use the mouse quite a bit and I dont like it. I feel it slows me down. So here is a nice (I dont know why I use that word so much) link to adding some more keystrokes to your typocabulary (You can see I AM in a creative mood today 🙂

box of chocolates » My Favourite FireFox Keystrokes

Dont miss the comments for this post because they too have a trick or two in them!!

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