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New Category “Marriage Humor”

Posted by activemind on April 28, 2006

I was thinking today morning that this Blog is not complete without the biggest factor which controls my life…no not god…someone even higher than that…my wife 🙂 My favourite past time is actually bugging my wife about small small useless things and seeing her reactions to them and she getting all worked up about things that happened like ages guys world…anything that happened more than a month ago IS ages back…so I decided to create a new category called Marriage Humor for posts on this topic. Now you can very well understand that this section would be a heavily screened section with all the posts reviewed and read and re-read and then again re-re-read to find something of interest in them. So I will be walking on a very thin line here…lets see how much can I post before I am asked to get rid of this category…..

so wish me lucK!!

6 Responses to “New Category “Marriage Humor””

  1. ptvguy said

    Not that I don’t sympathize, but if you run this category too long, you’ll probably be changing it to divorce humor. The thing that I find most amazing is my wife’s ability to quote entire conversations from months and even years ago. Then she gets mad at me because I can’t remember the details from a phone conversation I had five minutes ago. I guess that it’s a different outlook.

  2. Avi said

    ha ha ha !! I couldn’t agree more with the comment above !! You need to realize man ! Women have a very short fuse in these matters. I hope your wife doesnt know abt this category !! I dont want comedy to turn into a tragedy !! lol !!

  3. Vivek said

    well said ptvguy.. like many, if not most, forgetful husbands i also don’t retain the audiographic details of each and every conversation I had with my wife. Now, I don’t know if this is true with you guys also but my wife takes solid advantage of this.. very often I am left with this feeling ‘now when did I say this’.. i know (well almost) that i didn’t say that and my wife, with all her ulterior motives, is making it up knowing my forgetful habits

  4. ptvguy said

    Avi: I hope she doesn’t too.

    Vivek: I know that to be absolutely untrue of MY wife. She would NEVER do something like that. Now I have to go since I seem to have something stuck in my eye. ;>

  5. KDOG said

    I can say…with all the screening..very few humorous incidents will be shared.


  6. michlele said

    aaaaahhh it is one thing to be the forgetful perpetrator, it is another thing to be the victim of forgetfullness, as my husband has forgotten my birthday, and mother’s day, to which they were only 3 days apart. 😦

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