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How to make my Nokia 9500 PERFECT!!

Posted by activemind on May 17, 2006

Don’t judge me. I love my Nokia 9500. I saw my first communicator back in the 90s in a Val Kilmer movie, The Saint. Since then I have been reading and researching about the communicators. I did not own one till recently and there were various reasons for it:
1. It was too expensive and I did not have the money šŸ™‚
2. US was primarily TDMA/CDMA at that time and the imports I could pick were GSM (leaving pacbell alone whose service was very spotty at that time).
3. Cellular Internet connectivity was non-existent and it did not have Wi-Fi.

 Anyway, fast forward and came out the Nokia 9500. I waited a couple of months for the prices to fall …okay…waited for a year (I am not about to spend my hard earned money like this) and bought it last May (2005). Now I like pretty much everything about this phone except:
1. The camera on this thing is pretty much useless when compared to whats available today in the market. So I wish the camera on this thing was a tad more decent so that I use the pics here on my blog šŸ™‚
2. I read in some article somewhere that even if there was a skype port for 9500, it would not work nicely because of some audio compression capabilty missing in the hardware. You could a PTT like conversation but not duplex  talk using VOIP.
3. There is not much software available for this platform. A part of me wants to ditch the 9500 and goto Cingular 8125 which is Win based and hence larger pool of apps and has pretty much the same features.
4. This is more of latest and greated feature, why did they not put in 802.11g and opted for 802.11b…I can feel the need for G when I am trying to stream something internally from my Lan…it doesnt make a diff when I am using the internet using Wi-Fi but yeah I would have loved to see 802.11g on this…….maybe because of power considerations?

I will add more to this list as time permits in future but yeah, if we could change/fix these then it would be MY perfect phone.

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