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Nokia 9500 Fax and Cingular

Posted by activemind on May 17, 2006

I have been thinking of enabling the fax service on my 9500 on Cingular network. I have read over the internet but could not find a whole lot of info. There were a couple of topics about 9500 Fax over T-mobile but no one talked about Cingular.
Although, I dont have any real use for fax service but the geek in me wants to test it for the

coolness of it (I AM creative at times with sentences). Let me call up Cingular and see if it makes any sense to them or they redirect me to Nokia but I am guessing that they should have some info or should know what I am talking about because they sport the 9300 on their website now.
Will update on how goes it!!

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