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The New Nokia E90

Posted by activemind on April 10, 2008

I have had my Nokia Communicatior 9500 for close to 3 years now and I have been itching to get a new phone. I like the Apple Iphone. The only reason I ain’t buying it, it is Apple. I don’t like the company for various reasons and I don’t like the Iphone because
a) The phone is locked to a SIM card. Unless you hack it using jailbreak or other methods, you cannot use it with your existing SIM and yeah I have one of those historic ATT Blue Sims.
b) There is no 3g support neither a SIP client support. So you can use the WiFi in the phone just for surfing the web and yeah YouTube and yeah Flickr etc etc etc (for all the purist and fanboys out there). But you cannot do anything delay sensitive because the latency is too much.
c) You cannot just buy and replace the battery yourself. You have to send the phone in along with an arm and a leg and then they will change the battery for you.
d) There is no upgradeable memory. With the cost of CF and SD/MMC cards so low, it nice to have a couple of these and swap them as needed or maybe upgrade to a bigger one. With Iphone I am stuck with 4G or 8G version unless I decide to fork off another ungodly amount of money and use the existing one as a paper weight.
I am sorry but I can do all this with my 9500 and can do it pretty well. I don’t need a new phone for that. Now if you open up the SDK and throw in 3G (US version…I will get to that) and a SIP client. Now we are talking.
Anyways, I have had my eye on the next gen communicator for quite sometime now. Even though they have abandoned the S80 platform and moved to S60, I think its still livable. With all the new features like GPS, a MUCH improved camera with autofocus and LED flash, and ta-da a SIP client which works!! It does have 3G but from most of the stuff that I have read around the web, it does not seem to have the US 3G (something like they have different frequencies for different parts of the world much like GSM) and Nokia decided to foucs on EU and provide the 3G frequencies for EU (UMTS 2100) but not for US. Bummer!! So no 3G. Which means voice calls to over EDGE (I have Cingular/ATT or whatever that thing is called now) through my Asterisk server. Ain’t gonna work!!
So if anyone of you out there who have a E90 and Cingular/ATT and have 3G working, please correct me else my hunt continues.
There have been some news about Apple opening up the SDK (my bad!! SDK is already available) so that people can write apps for Iphone but I am yet to see a SIP client for it. Besides who am I kidding, its an Apple, I am never going to buy it.
I am also looking at HTC Touch Cruise. Looks good. Though a bit small than what I would like my phone to be. I have been spoiled by the big screen on the 9500 for my usage. Sorry, I don’t belong to the crowd where my phone has to be so small that I can talk my numbers to it and all the other mini-crap. The phone according to me has a minimum size and I wont go below that. And yeah, the 9500 (a.k.a the brick) is NOT a huge phone for me. Keeping in mind the number of personalities it has, its my phone duh! its my calender, its my alarm clock, its my “quick lookup the net” device, its my mp3 player, its my contact center, its my portable book reader, its my ‘on the go’ document reader, its my calculator…I could go on and on…but you get the message.
So yeah, if anyone of you know about E90 3g working on Cingular/ATT please let me know or you own a HTC touch cruise, drop me a comment about goods and bads of the phone and better if you have used a 9500, then how do the two compare.
So long!!


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Nokia 9500 Fax and Cingular

Posted by activemind on May 17, 2006

I have been thinking of enabling the fax service on my 9500 on Cingular network. I have read over the internet but could not find a whole lot of info. There were a couple of topics about 9500 Fax over T-mobile but no one talked about Cingular.
Although, I dont have any real use for fax service but the geek in me wants to test it for the

coolness of it (I AM creative at times with sentences). Let me call up Cingular and see if it makes any sense to them or they redirect me to Nokia but I am guessing that they should have some info or should know what I am talking about because they sport the 9300 on their website now.
Will update on how goes it!!

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How to make my Nokia 9500 PERFECT!!

Posted by activemind on May 17, 2006

Don’t judge me. I love my Nokia 9500. I saw my first communicator back in the 90s in a Val Kilmer movie, The Saint. Since then I have been reading and researching about the communicators. I did not own one till recently and there were various reasons for it:
1. It was too expensive and I did not have the money 🙂
2. US was primarily TDMA/CDMA at that time and the imports I could pick were GSM (leaving pacbell alone whose service was very spotty at that time).
3. Cellular Internet connectivity was non-existent and it did not have Wi-Fi.

 Anyway, fast forward and came out the Nokia 9500. I waited a couple of months for the prices to fall …okay…waited for a year (I am not about to spend my hard earned money like this) and bought it last May (2005). Now I like pretty much everything about this phone except:
1. The camera on this thing is pretty much useless when compared to whats available today in the market. So I wish the camera on this thing was a tad more decent so that I use the pics here on my blog 🙂
2. I read in some article somewhere that even if there was a skype port for 9500, it would not work nicely because of some audio compression capabilty missing in the hardware. You could a PTT like conversation but not duplex  talk using VOIP.
3. There is not much software available for this platform. A part of me wants to ditch the 9500 and goto Cingular 8125 which is Win based and hence larger pool of apps and has pretty much the same features.
4. This is more of latest and greated feature, why did they not put in 802.11g and opted for 802.11b…I can feel the need for G when I am trying to stream something internally from my Lan…it doesnt make a diff when I am using the internet using Wi-Fi but yeah I would have loved to see 802.11g on this…….maybe because of power considerations?

I will add more to this list as time permits in future but yeah, if we could change/fix these then it would be MY perfect phone.

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Cellphone and Radiations on CNET

Posted by activemind on May 17, 2006

So I am not the only one who worries about it. I wrote about this some time back here and also reasoned why I dont use bluetooth headset….my cellphone is bad enough!!
Anyways, read this CNET article to see how good or bad your phone is!!

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Cellphones and radiation

Posted by activemind on February 10, 2006

We are a heavy user of cellphone in our family…Infact we dont use and pick up our landline and the Voip line anymore…they are just for telemarketers to leave us voicemails….I even have ringing disabled on one of our lines….Its cellphone all the way for both of us. Being as gadget oriented as I am, I started using bluetooth headsets back in 2001 when they had just come out. I still remember the first time I heard the word bluetooth, it was actually back in 1998 when a friend of mine was doing a project for Motorola and he mentioned that he was working on Bluetooth..and I was like…what the hell is this….thats when I read more about it and realised that this WAS something interesting and had some potential. But was surprised me was that there were no products available till like 2000 & 2001. I still remember talking to Techs here at local BestBuy and Circuit City about Bluetooth headsets and they were like what the hell is that ? So it was Frys that first got them and even though the techs there also did not know or understand bluetooth at that time…I was browsing the aisle and I saw it sitting there. It was the first time I saw a bluetooth product and HAD to get it. So anyways I got myself a bluetooth headset and my phone at that time was a SE T68i which was one of the first ones to offer a affordable color screen at that time. It was cool but somehow at the back of my mind I was not very happy about the fact that I have a transmitter (even for a very low watt one) right next to my head (brain)…..I still remember getting slight headaches after having a long conversation on my T28 World (which I still have and love but I wish it just had lesser radiation). Well now I have a Nokia 9500 and even though I have bluetooth headset and it has much less radiation (not from the specs but just from experience that I dont get those headaches after a long conversation) I have started using the good old wired headset. Actually I use a slightly different one that what the normal nokia headset but use a stereo version of it so that I can use it for listening to my songs, podcasts and ebooks and also use it as my handsfree device. It works out quite nicely that I can answer calls even when I am listening to whatever I am and then hangup and my audio continues from where I left it. It just feel weird talking to someone in stereo for sometime but then you get used to it. But I have to remember to take off one of the buds while driving 😀
Does anyone else have any concerns about cellphone radiations and bluetooth headset (which are dirt cheap now and I see literally EVERYONE getting one thesedays esp in the valley here) or I am just being paranoid about it??

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Nokia 9500 and SIP

Posted by activemind on February 9, 2006

I have been endlessly looking for a SIP client for my Nokia 9500 so that I can use my VoIP connection at any hotspots and not use my cellular mins.I just dont understand WHY are there NO client available. I can find a lot for Pocket PC but there seems to be no interest at all for Symbian. The closest I came to was a Series 60 platform client but what I am wondering is why companies like X-lite and SJPhone not interested in making one for Symbian? Is the cost too much to develop something on Symbian platform?

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