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Long time in blog land!!

Posted by activemind on December 11, 2006

Its been ages since I put up my last post….I will have to lookup the date when I last posted. Well life goes on as usual and yeah for all of you asking for the Cingular Extension I was working on..,,,I dont think it is coming. I have just kind of lost interest in it. I dont think there are too many people who want it plus I dont think I am motivated to finish it up. If any of you wants the code, please drop me a email and I will be more than happy to pass it on….it partly work but needs some tweaks here and there!!!
So there….after dragging my feet for so long….I said it ๐Ÿ™‚


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Upload location for Extension

Posted by activemind on August 10, 2006

I am looking for some ideas about where can I upload the extension. I dont have any webspace but I am pretty sure there are some free sites out there that would provide some space for something like this.
Leave me a comment or email me about any suggestions!!

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Cingular Extension

Posted by activemind on August 10, 2006

One of the users dropped me a email today about an update that had happened to the Cingular Site. Now the phone number is no longer 3 seperate fields but instead it is back to 1 field which is what my extension expects. I will test it out tonite to see if it works as is else it should not need a whole lot of changes.

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FireFox and Keyboard

Posted by activemind on April 28, 2006

For those of you who know me, you know it pretty well that I am a keyboard kind of person. I like using mouse once in a while but if I can do everything from the keyboard itself without needing to move my hand…nothing like it. Believe it or not…I still am a ardent fan of bash and vi. Okay, enough of the geek stuff. Anyways, I was thinking today that I need to learn some more firefox keyboard tricks because that is one place where I do use the mouse quite a bit and I dont like it. I feel it slows me down. So here is a nice (I dont know why I use that word so much) link to adding some more keystrokes to your typocabulary (You can see I AM in a creative mood today ๐Ÿ™‚

box of chocolates ยป My Favourite FireFox Keystrokes

Dont miss the comments for this post because they too have a trick or two in them!!

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Cingular Extension Update!

Posted by activemind on April 24, 2006

For those of you wondering about what the hell happened to the FIrefox Cingular Extension….no its not dead. Its just that I have been busy and have not had some free time to work on it. My apologies to all of you who were looking for a quick extension development.

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Sorry for no updates

Posted by activemind on March 27, 2006

For all of thosw who are wondering what happened to my firefox extension. Well I am still comitted to it and plan to work on it pretty soon. I had some personal stuff to take care of and yeah everything is okay plus the work is keeping me extra buy nowadays with some very tight schedules.
I have recvd a couple of emails about the progress and if I am still working on it so I HAD to provide an update on what was going on.
Thanks again for all your interest guys!!

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More work than FF password manager

Posted by activemind on March 21, 2006

Okay so it seems as if it is going to be more work to make my extension login to the Cingular Orange website than just the Firefox password Manager. Cingular seemed to have done some kind of trick by splitting the wireless number into 3 parts and firefox can only remember 1 id and 1 password…so I am kind of stuck….
The support Mod at MozillaZine forum suggested some more options but that is something completly new and I am going to have to learn how to do that.
Here is the thread you can follow for more information:
My Thread at MozillaZine

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No release today (Tue)

Posted by activemind on March 21, 2006

We would have to skip the release slated for this Tue because of the password issue I mentioned in my previous post. I am working on it and have a couple of options in mind but they need more work than what I had anticipated. Hopefully, I should will have something working by this Thu.
Hang in there!!

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Cingular Website and Firefox Password Manager

Posted by activemind on March 21, 2006

So I did a test code for Cingular Orange and Mike was helping me test it. It turns out that Firefox Password Manager does not remember the login info for the Cingular Orange website completly. You can try this yourself. Goto cingular Orange login website and enter your information. Do not check the option to remember the wireless number. Now when you press ok FF will prompt you if you want to remember this password. Say yes. Now you will be logged in.
Open another window and FF should be able to fill in all your info by itself but instead it gives only the last 4 digits of the wireless number you entered. So thats my problem..FF does not have the complete info stored.
You can also verify this by going to FF Tools->Options and then privacy. Open the saved password thing and look for Cingular. You would notice that it has only the last 4 digits of your wireless number saved in there.
So this is the problem I am struggling with right now. Anyone have any insights into a workaround for this?

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Couple of more beta Testers

Posted by activemind on March 20, 2006

I am looking for a couple of more beta testers for the Cingular Firefox Extension. I need people who meet any one of the following criteria:

  1. Are a Cingular Orange customer and have more than one lines on their account.
  2. Cingular Orange Customer with mobile to mobile minutes in your account.
  3. Cingular Orange Customer with some kind of bonus anytime minutes in your plan.

If you meet any of the above criteria and are interested in beta testing this extension please get in touch with me. What amazes me is that there are SOOOO many possible combinations of services for Cingular/AT&T available out there as oppsoed to Verizon/T-mobile/Sprint that I will have to spend a long time testing with them to make sure it really works for them and this is not even considering SMS and Data Usage. But that will come at a later date…First thing First ๐Ÿ™‚

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